Calendar Question


I handle the talent bookings and calendars for a few nightclubs, concert venues and music festivals. I’m try to understand if Asana is what I need before purchasing.

Here’s my goal, please let me know if this is doable with Asana.

  • Create and maintain a master calendar that only I can see that lists the shows at every venue.
  • Create a calendar for each venue that only the people I assign can see (they can only see their own venue’s calendar and no one else’s)

It’s a simple goal but want to make sure this is doable before I purchase.



Hi @Jace_Cohen,

I’m glad to hear you’re exploring Asana! This is definitely achievable in Asana. I recommend that you create a project for each venue and then view each project’s calendar. I also suggest that you conduct an advanced search to view a master calendar.

Take a look at these resources, which will help address the needs in both of your questions.

Please let us know if you have any follow up questions!