Calendar: Printing and Creating PDF



Hi! I’ve tried a few methods suggested here to print a project calendar and cannot get it to work. Please advise on how to print several months of a calendar and also download as PDF.

Thank you!


Hi @Karyn_Lee-Garcia, you can print a project’s calendar by going the project’s Calendar tab, then selecting “Export/Print” from the project menu, and finally “Print…” In order to print several months, simply scroll down several months in the Calendar view before you go to print it. You should also be able to save as PDF from the printing menu.

Hope that helps!


Unfortunately, this does not work for me. When I select “Export/Print” and then “Print…”, the calendar comes up just as small blocks. And, there’s no way for me to scroll down to incorporate more months into the Calendar. This is beyond frustrating. I’m also using CHROME is this information is at all useful. Thank you!