Calendar moving around when selecting due date. Frustrating!


I’m working a lot on the calendar view of Asana. Most of the time I add a task using the “New” button on the top right. I almost always add a due date in my tasks. If it’s something for the future I probably get frustrated with the calendar jumping around.

I have made a screencast to showcase this ( but let me also add the steps here

  1. Click “+ New” and select Task
  2. Enter task title and details on the pop up task editor
  3. Click on the calendar icon to set a due date. In the example here I’m on December 2018 and I want to set a due date for February 2019.
  4. I click the “>” icon to go to the next month. Now January 2019 is smaller and if I click again without moving my mouse the calendar is lost! So to actually go to February 2018 I need to click “>”, move my mouse, click “>” again. The same happens if I go the other way (i.e. click “<”) or for other months.

I would expect much more attention to detail from Asana on such fundamental workflows.


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