Calendar - HIDE completed TASKS

I agree.

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In calendar view, you can hide completed tasks in “week view”, but not in “month view”, which leads to a confusing screen. What about being able to hide them in this “month view” too ?

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For those of us with access to Advanced Search, user @js.exposito gave a brilliant workaround. This was the answer for me.

Is there any way to hide incomplete tasks in the calendar of MY TASKS??? This seems like a basic feature to add for productivity.

Some time ago, this became possible in Asana’s My Tasks Calendar view, but it’s a little unintuitive (but works!).

In My Tasks > Calendar, change to Week view. Set the next menu to “Incomplete tasks.”

If you use Week view, you’re done. If you prefer Month view, then change to that view and it will remember the Incomplete tasks settings (which is not found on Month view, only on Week view):