calemdar for 3 cars teams ( every car 2 guys )

Hello Guys. I will try to describe what i need. I have 4 cars and every car is with team of to guys. Iam am underenterprenour ob 4 bigs companies. how to create easy one page calendar where I and my teams will see upcoming work for to weeks. I wosh to see every tema as diferent colour, I wist to mixt sometimes teams. We are not working always in same teams. Some projects are daily projects some of them ar eweekle or monthlu projects. Just the most important thing is that all the guys will see the plans for upcoming next to weeks.

Hi and thanks for your question,

I’m not completely sure to understand your use-case (it was a bit hard to decipher :upside_down_face:).

I would suggest you to read this article
Manage resources like a boss sunglasses in Asana: meeting rooms, cars, camera…

Hope that is useful, good luck :wink:

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