"Bump" a task to help "remind" the assignee


I’d love to be able to “bump” a task so that it shows in top of the assignee’s inbox. This would be gentle reminder that the task needs some attention. Right now the only way is to to enter a comment like “Hey, Steve, can you take a look at this and tell me what you think?” and having comments like that detract from the intent of comments (to convey information about a task).


great idea, aaron :slight_smile:


Unassign and reassign the task, that will make it appear on top the task list.


Actually when I think about it more, I don’t really want it to show “Aaron assigned to you” in their inbox. That is misleading and makes it appear that I’ve assigned more work to them (and all the implications associated with that), when in reality it was already assigned…i just what them to get a reminder. Would prefer it said “Aaron bumped this task” in their inbox.


If the task is assigned to them, merely adding a comment on the task would make it display in their inbox. I like just adding a quick comment like so…

Bump :wink: