Bulk permanently delete

Adding my vote for the Bulk delete feature

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Casting my vote for this too, we seriously need this feature!

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Please implement the Bulk Delete feature at your earliest convenience.

This has been a great nuisance for many times. Long time user here, using Asana for roughly 7 years. Each time I do administrative work on our projects, I find it extremely frustrating to have to go through each already deleted task manually and having to do this for many entries.

If this seems to be some security concern, at least allow the admin of the board or organization to do this.


Any word on the bulk delete for completed tasks. Its’ now 3 MONTHS since the last of many requests for this feature.

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There is a way to bulk delete. With your completed tasks visible, highlight all the tasks you want to permanently delete with the shift key. There should be a black tool bar that pops up on the bottom of your screen with the option to delete all selected tasks (trash can icon).

NOTE : you can only do this for 50 tasks at a time