Building our own Asana front-end

I know this question is a little more long-form than most in this forum, so I’ll keep things as brief as possible:

One of our teams is currently envisioning/designing a new website that will eventually offer service packages that will need to be project managed over the course of 4-6 months between our internal staff (daily Asana users) and new clients of theirs. We don’t want to have to build a project management system of our own if we can avoid it, so we’d like to explore the possibility of leveraging your APIs to develop a “Powered by Asana” front-end (of sorts) in this new site, such that our team can manage the projects via Asana like they would normally, but their customers would interact with a simplified, limited functionality front-end that provides only the data display and functionality they need (e.g. milestone approval, asynchronous chat, document upload/download, etc)

Fortunately this whole thing is just a topic of conversation right now (we won’t even have budget for it until next year), so right now I’m just looking for someone to evaluate the idea and tell us “Yes it’s possible but there’s a lot to think through,” or “Nope, can’t/shouldn’t/won’t be done, and it’s DOA for x, y, and z reasons.”

And if it turns out it’s that bad of an idea, please be gentle :slight_smile:


Hi @Aaron_Thomas-Arnold and welcome to the forum!

Others may weigh in as well, but I would definitely go with

The Asana API doesn’t support all of Asana’s features, so you’ll have to do some due diligence to make sure there’s no capability you need which isn’t available via the API, but especially for a simplified UI, odds are you’ll be fine.

Thanks @Phil_Seeman! Requirements for the simplified UI are still very much in conversation, but from where we stand now, the Task/Milestone elements we know we’ll need are Title, Assignee, Due Date, Description, Attachments, and Chat. If there’s API support for at least those, we’re in business.

So we can be a little more self-sufficient in our investigations, can you point me to a list of everything that’s currently supported in the API? I know there’s a ton of documentation, and it’d be immensely helpful if we could get straight to a list of all the fields/data we can expect to be able to pull into this new UI.

Thanks again!


You’re 5 for 6. Chat/messaging is not currently available via the API.

I dearly wish I could, but alas there’s no specific list of what is and is not supported.

@Phil_Seeman You’re the best. One last question…well, at least for now :slight_smile: I know there’s already a Slack/Asana integration (which admittedly I know very little about), could that somehow be leveraged into an Asana > Slack > Our Site integration that would get Asana chat elements into this simplified UI we’re talking about? Granted it’d be flimsy even if it is a possibility, but as long as I have an answer to the question that’ll help in future conversations w/ our CTO.

Thanks again!


That won’t help with chat messages, I’m afraid; it just sends task updates to Slack, not anything related to messages.