Building Asana training plan & reuse some Asana content when possible

I’m working on building an Asana training for our org. We’ve been using it about two years and now ready to really know how we want to start using it consistently. I’m struggling to find the content on the Academy I want to point people to vs create all new content, but I know at least all the intro stuff needs to be customized for us for it to make sense to our staff.

I was hoping to use the Get Started in 15 min or less video, but I see the Projects & Tasks section has the old UI (starting about 3:55). Is there a more updated version of this video? Get started (in 15 mins or less)

Which existing content works for onboarding your teams in learning Asana, and how much did you have to build from scratch?


When faced with the same challenge, I found the Asana-provided resources to be great, but there was not an easy, minimal pathway through it all to get folks up and running with the basics they needed. And even if they could do so, they didn’t have a good record of where they found all the info to ever return to.

It took me much longer than I expected to create this, but the feedback has been great from clients:

Between the Guide, Academy, other videos, etc., there’s a lot out there. It was hard to curate and I still felt it was necessary at times to deliver my own, concise take in some areas.



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