Build a new custom field type - image preview

Please add a new custom field type: image preview
This field will allow to upload a preview that can be both visible as a small circle in the tasks table and as a cover or description of a task.

It can also be as part of a task basic description but since it’s something that doesn’t fit every task i suggest to add it as a new custom field type.

It will help identify tasks more quickly, update status of design/visual tasks and also show end result on completed.

Hi @Zohar_Telor, welcome to the Forum! :tada:

Thanks for sharing this feedback, we appreciate knowing what you think about the product. To be completely honest, our team is not planning to add this new custom field in the near term but I can assure you that we do track all your feedback in order to improve the product. Let me know if you have any questions! :slightly_smiling_face: