[Bug] Text label in Comment button interferes with comment submittal



Firefox 55.0.3 on Windows 10.

If you enter a comment in a task and click the center of the blue button (where the “Comment” text is), the submit fails and the comment field scrolls down. It took me forever to realize that that’s because the Comment text itself is interfering with the submittal! You actually need to click on the padding outside the text for the submit to go through. Not sure if this affects other browsers as well.


It’s working perfectly in Chrome, so I wonder if it’s a Firefox thing. If you amend the title of this post to put [BUG] at the start, it’ll get picked up quicker.

In the meantime, you can use Tab + Enter as a shortcut to enter comments.


On further examination, this does not repro all the time (I probably see it on average once or twice a week however). Next time I am in that state I will get a screenshot and check the JS console as well.