Bug: Switching workspaces myTasks don't show today, upcomming & later



I’ve picked up on a bug when I change between my workspaces that my tasks don’t show my Today, Later & Upcomming. I need to press my Tasks for there to be a refresh for the sections to show.

Screen shots added.


Many thanks for the report @Mihow!

Could you confirm which browser you’re using?

Also, are you able to:

  • reproduce with an incognito window?
  • reproduce with any other browser?

Thank you :slight_smile:


I’ve noticed the same thing but it kinda reversed for me: I have my My Tasks sorted by Due Date, and when I go to another Workspace/Organization, then return to my primary Organization, it sorts my My Tasks in the normal Today/Upcoming/Later format. When I click on My Tasks it then re-sorts it to my default which is by Due Date.

I use Google Chrome.


Hi @Marie, I"m using Google Chrome (Latest) on Windows 10.

I’ve tested on incognito mode and the same thing happened.

Also tired on Firefox (Latest) same thing.

Hope this helps, let me know if you need any other tests from my side.



Hi @Joel_Charles! I think your issue is related to another bug our team is currently working on; have a look at this thread.


Thank you so much for double checking @Mihow, I’ve just filed a bug for our Development Team, I’ll keep you posted asap!