(Bug) Selected tasks sorting in reverse order when reassigning project



When I select a list of tasks in one project, and then use the Tab+P shortcut and reassign them to a new project under a new subheading, it seems to always reverse the sorting that I had the items in originally


Also, for what it’s worth…when I used to be able to more reliable drag a selection of items into a new project, it didn’t have this problem.


Hi @CWeaver - thanks for bringing this up! The reverse-sorting you’re seeing is the intended functionality, rather than a bug. We can see how this would be challenging, though. The workaround I recommend is to add the tasks in reverse order so they appear in the new project in your desired order. Might seem silly but it has been helpful for me and I think it will work for you :slight_smile:


Ahh, thanks so much for the update. Yeah, it gets tricky when I’m moving 20+ tasks at once. Is there a way to move them so they stay sorted somehow that’s not 1-by-1?

Also, curious…what’s the usual use case where the reverse sorting on import is intended for? Heh, may be something new and cool I should be doing with that somewhere else =)


Good question! Efficiency of the code (aka speed) is the answer to the “why” question. But hopefully as we enhance the product even more and it gets faster we’ll be able to bridge the gap for these types of features. Regarding a possible workaround - you might try Shift+click to select all tasks and then experiment with what happens if you shift+click top to bottom in the list or bottom to top. I hope this helps! Please reach out if you have other questions. The Community and I will be happy to help!


Oh wow, thanks so much! That appears to make it work just fine then. Thanks
for the fast reply!


So glad this was helpful @CWeaver! Shout out to my colleague, @Sara who helped me troubleshoot on this one. :slight_smile:


This may be taking the emphasis on performance a little too far. No sense being speedy if the functionality isn’t helpful. :slight_smile:


Totally understood :blush:


I can’t understand why, if we’ve already created and put things in the right order, you would code them to go into a different project in reverse! That makes no sense! This never used to happen (i.e. a few weeks ago) and I have hundreds of task to move around… :frowning: !!!


@Alexis can you help better explain when this is happening and when it is not? Through our template duplication workflow we are constantly having to reassign tasks from one project to another. It seems as though sometimes the order is being reversed and others it is not. I believe I am always using the top to bottom shift+click method when doing this. Recent tests have proven to not present this “issue” for me yet others that I spoke with on Friday were still having trouble - the solution being as you indicated above - [quote=“Alexis, post:3, topic:3423”]
add the tasks in reverse order so they appear in the new project in your desired order

I’d like to provide direction to my team on what the best practices would be to retain the desired order but I need a better understanding of when this is occurring. To provide more context to the specific actions that my team is perfuming - we are reassign 16 tasks (including headers) at a time. These tasks contain over 175 embedded tasks within the parent 16 tasks - quite a lot of information being transferred making it critical that the structure of the tasks are retained through this action. Thanks!


Hi Jerod,

I’ve investigated with my team and it looks like this is a bug. I appreciate your concern and the desire to advise your team. Hopefully we’ll have a solution soon. In the meantime, I’ll share your comments with our product team. Your comments will be very helpful as our team explores solutions.



Thanks, @Alexis! This one seems hit and miss. I wasn’t having many issues with this bug lately. I’m having more struggles with the topic below at the moment. Are you able to replicate this behavior and conclude this too is a bug?