Bug - Not Receiving Email when Entire Task Marked Complete

When completing a task, my boss/coworkers are not getting an email that the task is completed, however they DO get an email when subtasks in a task are completed.

Any idea what could be causing this?

Are they followers of the task?

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In addition to Bastien’s question, also note this Asana behavior about email notifications:

Activity notifications are only sent out for actions and changes performed by others; you will not receive a notification for actions you perform yourself.

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My boss was the individual who created the task and assigned it to me. I believe he is following the task.

How exactly do you ‘follow’ a task? Is the collaborators thing?

Yes, it’s exactly that - they are in the process of changing the wording from “Followers” to “Collaborators”.

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If that’s the case, then yes. My boss is the creator of the task, and set himself and myself as collaborators. When I marked the task as complete, it did not notify him via email, or really anywhere.

The only other thing I can think of is to check the “Email Notifications” tab of your Profile Settings and make sure that “Activity Updates” is checked.

@Bastien_Siebman, any other ideas?


Notification settings on the project itself. He gets emails about subtasks (that are not part of the project) so personal settings should be ok, but not project settings :man_shrugging:

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Ah, right, of course! @Joshua_Marcus check the Member Notification Settings on the project.


Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to have made any changes to whether my boss gets email notifications that a task is completed within the project.

I’m not sure what else would allow him to see that tasks have been completed, via email. Currently, the only way he knows that tasks are completed is when he decides to go in and check them.

Can you share a couple of anonymized screenshots of his personal notification settings + the member notification settings of the project? Could be done in a private message with Phil and I if needed. Could also be a consulting call to look at issues in general including this one.

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Thanks @Phil_Seeman and @Bastien_Siebman, what a team :raised_hands:t3:

@Joshua_Marcus, welcome :wave:t3: Since your manager receive email notifications for subtask, I’m quite convinced the issue is related to settings too. The screenshots mentioned by @Bastien_Siebman would be useful to help you further!

Personal Notif ScreenshotPersonal Notif

Project Member NotifProject Member Notif

Thanks @Joshua_Marcus,

Could you give me the URL of the task you’ve completed and for which your manager didn’t receive an email notification?

Thank you!


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Hello. Would you be able to confirm if any progress has been made regarding this issue?

So sorry for the disconnect @Joshua_Marcus,

We took a look into this for you and can’t seem to find out why your manager hasn’t received an email notification for the completion of the task you shared above. In order to help us investigate further, can you please create a fresh test task (in a new test project), add your manager as a collaborator and complete the task. If you could share the URL of this task with us, it would be super useful!

Looking forward to your reply!


Thank you so much @Joshua_Marcus! So from what I can see your Manager has received a notification for this task, could you check if he can find it in his Inbox?

If not, can you try a run a search in his mail box with the criteria below, and send me a screenshot of your search + results? (Make sure to anonymised any private info!)

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