BUG: impossible to add an existing tag if it is not used elsewhere



Hi guys,
My scenario is:

  1. I am creating a tag from the Task view
  2. It is possible now to add this tag to other tasks - tags are searched correctly when I start to type the name of the tag.
  3. I am removing tag-task associations.
  4. When the tag is not used elsewhere (is not associated with any task) it starts to be impossible to add this tag to tasks - when I type the name system want to create a new tag with the same name.
  5. I found the workaround - if I know id of the tag, I could go to the list of the connected tasks and there the option “Add task via email” is available. When I create tasks from an email it starts to be possible to add the tag to other tasks.

In my opinion, the problem is in searching functionality. The system returns only tags connected to tasks, but I am not sure it is correct behaviour.


@Marie that sounds very serious, you should check it out.


@Bastien_Siebman, I think, it is not the new issue. @Marty_Potter reported a similar problem in September: Can't add old Tag unless Tag still in use elsewhere?


I would not say it was a horribly serious issue, it’s just frustrating. :slight_smile:

Having set up and educated staff on what tags to use in a workflow, its not possible to begin typing the name of those tags to autocomplete if they are unused. If a staff member doesn’t see the tag, they know they are using the wrong name and shouldn’t create one which could make searches have incomplete results.

Presumably the tag disappears to keep things neat and clean, but as I explained in my own thread, I have the Tag favorited, so it is technically still in use but nonetheless still disappears if not attached to a task.

I suppose what we really should be using is Custom Fields, but I am only a free user and can’t experiment with that :wink: