[BUG] I deleted a project full of due dates and I keep receiving the tasks



I don’t know what to do. I can’t find the project anymore and I have this ghost tasks on My Tasks tab telling me I have 3 tasks due today which I don’t, so I have to delete it every day.

Any thoughts?


@Rita_Viana I’m happy to try to help on this. It sounds like you might have the tasks set to recur. Can you check the next occurrence of the task to see if they have a recurrence set up (daily, weekly, etc.)? You can see this in the due date field under the calendar.

If so, you can remove the recurrence by setting the recurrence to “Never” and then check off the tasks and they should not appear again.

Does this solve the issue you are experiencing?


Yes, it does. The only problem is, it’s recurring every task forever, and it’s so many different tasks.
I copy this project from templana and when I noticed the dates I thought that just deleting the project would solve.

Do you think if I just click on the x close the date will solve instead of stop the recurring?


Yes, removing the due date with the “x” would stop the recurrence as well.

You could also multi-select all of the tasks (click the first, hold shift, and click the last) to remove the recurrence for them all at once.


Thanks!! Just deleted everything! :smiley: