Bug for Waiting On


I had task A that was waiting on another task (task B).

I completed task A early since I didn’t need to wait on task B.

When task B was completed I got a notification that I can work on task A even though it was already completed.


Creo que aun asi, asana funciona correctamente, el punto es que la tarea A dependiera de la tarea B estuvo mal planificado al tiempo de crear las tareas y definir que A dependiera de B y no al revez. Solo es mi punto de vista. Espero solo aportar algo bueno.

My english is probably not so good. I’ll try:
I tought that the error is when you plan de waiting on A to B, if you finish A before B you made the error because asana is just a sistem that follow the rules. Is just my opinion. I just want to contibute good thoughts.