[BUG] Cannot Delete an Unowned Project



i created a project and accidentally removed myself as a member from it. the project still has two members but neither of them can edit the project members.

how can i delete or become an owner again?!


Hi @Rashad_Zahr

Project members should still be able to invite other members, or even set themselves as project owners, so it sounds like you might need to get in touch with Asana support for that one.


Hello Mark,

They weren’t able to edit/add members and i had to delete the whole team and create a new one. Thankfully, i am still playing around and checking out the features so no harm was done. However, this should be considered a bug and i suggest that once the owner leaves a project containing other members, one of the members should automatically become an owner on the project.


I agree. the next person on the list should probably inherit owner status.

If you rename your post to include [BUG], the Asana people should pick it up.


Hi there Rashad; sorry to hear of the trouble you experienced here!

In the future with problems like this, I highly encourage you to reach out to Asana’s support channels when running into problems like this. That’s what our User Operations team is here for & we’re happy to help!

With regard to the logic underpinning your product suggestion, I’m happy to pass this feedback to our developers to review.


Hello Team, I have the same problem. There are two unowned projects that I cannot delete. I would like to avoid having to delete the whole team, because we have a lot of ongoing projects there I don’t want to confuse anyone with moving them.

So my question is: Has this issue been fixed? Can Asana support help me remove this?