Browser Tabs no longer show Project name

I have multiple Asana browser tabs open as I am in multiple projects at a time.

Up until a recent update, the tabs retained the name of the Project for quick, easy identification.

Now the tabs reflect the name of the last task highlighted. This is a HUGE problem as now I have multiple tabs with non-descript names and I have to click thru multiple tabs to find the correct project.


Thank you.


I can’t replicate this on Windows 10, Google Chrome, Premium Asana. This is either a feature of your plan (?), a bug, or some kind of rolling upgrade underway. Maybe mods will clarify.

Here I have a project called “RESEARCH”
The TAB used to hold onto that title, but now…notice how task “Drip edge overlap…” is selected and now the TAB holds that title.


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Yes! This is happening to me, too! It’s driving me nuts. Asana, please fix this!

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I don’t know how to fix this, but I support your statement that this is a HUGE problem!

Fix please Asana!!

It appears to me that one can be viewing a Project in List mode, and have focus on either the Project or a Task.

In the first case, Project focus, typically with a URL of the form, the browser tab shows the name of the Project.

In the second case, Task focus (which happens by clicking on the Task), typically with a URL of the form, the browser tab shows the name of the Task.

To me, this seems like the correct behavior. Is it different for others? Please clarify the focus and URL form of the problem condition.

That is the behavior I see as well. However, what I think he is saying is that he wants the tab to only show the Project name, even if he has clicked on a Task. With multiple projects open, the project can be more important when switching tabs than just an individual task in that project.

Maybe have an option in the “Project Actions” dropdown to select/unselect what the Tab displays.

Hi everybody :wave:

Apologies for the delay in responding. Just wanted to let you know that our team is aware of this issue and they are currently working to solve it. I’ll make share more information on this thread as soon as I have an update.

Thank you all for your reports and sincere apologies for the inconvenience!

Yes, I did recognize this behavior yesterday and was able to see the distinction. The issue is I use Asana in a multi-tab environment as I am actively working on multiple projects.

When I have 8 projects open, all in “Task-focus” I am forced to guess which tab, one by one, until I find the project I am working on. I only have Asana open in “Project-focus” upon initially opening the project. After that I am already deep into tasks and thus the tabs are in “task-focus” mode. VERY inconvenient!

I would propose, at a minimum, that this behavior be configurable to be on or off.

I am also having the same problem. I have several projects open in individual browser tabs and it is making it really hard to find the project I need to switch to. Please fix so the tab says the project name and not the task name within the project. Thanks!

Thank you all for your reports!

I just got an update from the Team who has confirmed they have pushed a fix for this issue and you should now see the Project name on the browser tab.

I’m marking this as solved but please let me know if you are still running into this issue and I’ll be more than happy to assist you further! Have a great Thursday!