Broken today's search?



I created and saved searches that show today’s incomplete tasks. If a task was not finished in that day, it was shown as yesterday or with a date on red. That was perfect!

Since last week, the same filter shows ONLY TASKS FOR CURRENT DAY, no days before :(. I tried to figure out what has changed and how to change the search but so far nothing. It looks like before, I see no new feature that would justify the change.

How can I restore old search behaviour?


I’m struggeling with the same “new feature”?
We are missing deadlines caused by tasks that are due now showing up…


Hi @Michal. I’ve just checked the Today section of My Tasks and I saw an overdue task from 3 days ago was at the top (due date in red) followed by all incomplete tasks due Today. Is that what you’re after?


No. It’s a search that I added to my favorites and named “Michal Today” and similar ones for others.

In advanced search:
assigned to: me (or other persons)
within next 0 days (within last gives the same result)

Previously it was showing today’s tasks AND ALL OVERDUE ONES. Now it shows only today’s tasks and I can’t make search/filter to show previous results which is super annoying.


I can see exactly what you’re describing in the Today section of My Tasks. It lists all overdue tasks assigned to me at the top, followed by tasks due today. I wondered if yours showed the same.

If not, the nearest solution I can see is to create an advanced search for all incomplete tasks assigned to you (without filling in the ‘Due’ section), then choose to view by due date. Obviously It’ll give you everything, which isn’t as clean as having just today and overdue, but the key information will still be at the top.


Ah, hang on a second. I just gave a task an old due date to see if it jumped into my Today section in My Tasks and it didn’t. Can’t understand what’s happening there.

I think the best option is just to run a general incomplete task search and view by date.


in order to get today plus all overdue tasks (with due dates) use Within the last 9999 Days


Hi folks - I think this thread may provide some solutions for you. Correct me if I’m wrong. Please follow up if you have questions.


I replayed in the original topic then:


Hi all refer @alexis post, the bug has been reversed.