Bring back time-estimation hack, please :-)


Hi Asana team!

Until a few weeks ago there was a hack that you could use in time-estimations. The hack calculated time-estimations that were added to a task with [number]. (For instance “Do this [2]”).

This hack was very useful when planning out a sprint. So it would be great to have the hack enabled again. Or, if you have a better solution to use time-estimations in tasks, for sprint planning purposes, that would be great as well.



Hi @Twan_Bunnik, that hack is gone, it’s correct. However, there is replacement - Custom Fields. You can create “Estimate” as one of your (number) custom fields. Once you select multiple tasks, number fields will show you total like [] hack used to.


You should have documented this before, HAHA. Nice, thank you!


I used to use this hack every day to estimate the time of all the tasks on my daily to-do list. It doesn’t seem I can do that with custom fields, because my personal to-dos usually belong to different projects (or no project at all).

Any chance of bringing the hack back?