Bring back 'Convert task to template'

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Convert task to template currently not showing
Only concerto to project and subtask exists
In Mac app

I am using premium trial

Welcome to the Asana Community Forum @Martina_Tamvakou!

I have merged your post into a previous bug report regarding this issue.

Have you checked various tasks and it is not showing in any of them?

Also just to confirmed you have already that the “Convert task to template” is now showing below the other “Convert to” menu?

Some people do miss this as it shows separately and not within the existing menu. Richard has opened a feedback request thread about this here.

Hi there,

What has happened on this issue, I cant see convert task to template

Chrome is up to date

Version 121.0.6167.160 (Official Build) (x86_64)

Asana premium

I can confirm that I can see this in some of my client’s Asana spaces, but for some spaces it is missing entirely. It seems quite random, hoping this isn’t part of an A/B test.

@Tania_Steenkamp , do you see it perhaps under the ‘Convert to’ option? I have advocated for a while now that it should be moved there!

@Vanessa_N , could you kindly look into this?

Oh same for me, it is missing and not showing under “Convert to” either.

Hi everyone, sorry for the trouble. I’ve checked with the team and they’ve confirmed that the issue has been fixed. I can see the “Convert task to template” option on my end. Can you check if the users running into issues have proper permissions to see the “Convert task to template” option? Users would need to be able to customize the project they’re viewing the task from in order to convert them to template.

Let me know if the issue persists even though they have the necessary permissions!

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