"Boomerang" For Asana


I can’t speak for everyone, but as an entrepreneur on a very small team, project management can be a pain.

My suggestion is to create an automated “boomerang” feature that resurfaces old tasks or projects that have been assigned but not replied or checked off. Or tasks that have been created but not assigned.

That way we can focus on work and not following around everyone nagging.

What do you think?



@Justin_Eckrich Could you elaborate how that would be much different than creating a couple of saved Favorite Advanced Searches such as:

  1. Overdue Tasks
  2. Tasks assigned to No One.



I never thought about that…which strengthens my case even further. There are probably lots of little tricks users never think of. Shortcuts that would save them a ton of time but they’re buried and most people never know how to set them up let alone use them. This idea builds those features into the normal workflow.

The idea is that most of us instinctively and habitually check our inbox. If these items, and it could be any open loop for that matter, not just the two listed above, automatically showed up in our inbox, without us putting any thought into it, we could leverage the habits and workflows we are already accustomed to.

When an open loop shows up in your inbox, intuitively we know it needs to be processed. Even those of us who aren’t skilled and trained as project managers.

Another good example would be tasks we are “waiting on.” Yes, this is another advanced search we could favorite but for someone that is averse to project management and needs to stay elevated, it would be really convenient if those things automatically showed back up in my inbox…


Unfortunately “waiting on” is not in advanced search but we are lobbying hard for it to be added.


@James_Carl Could you please advice how to create Advanced Search that could be saved (starred) to show Overdue Tasks? It used to work setting “Within the next 0 days” but does not work any longer.


This one will also show Due Today but should work


Thank you.

It shows Due Today, but one can live with it. Worse problem is it shows
also those without a due date and in some cases it might be a problem. If I
want to see what is overdue, I’d rather not need to see the tasks that have
no due date set.

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Thank you for bring the No Due Date issue up. I have asked for this to be added to the Advanced Search many times, just like Assignee= Nobody. Hopefully this comes out soon, then you could eliminate the No Due Date. There are many people that believe every task should have a Due Date or they fall in the cracks, but adding to Advanced Search would quickly identify. In regards to the no Due Date, I believe you can sort by Due Date and the Today’s show at bottom. Also, when I ran mine the No Due Date did not show up.


I think now Advanced Search does not show the Tasks without Due Date. I mean I can not reproduce what I described 5 days ago.

I can’t find a way to show only those without Due Date, but perhaps as you have asked for this and one can see that the date parameter in Advanced Search is now under reconstruction, we will also see this feature added.