Bookmarks on a project home page?


Can I have an asana project home page with links to 20 links I need?



I don’t fully understand your need. But if you want to have 20 custom Asana projects on your homepage, you can “favorite” these projects and move them in the order you want them to be displayed.

If you want 20 external links, you’ll be better of creating a custom project with 20 tasks that has a hyperlink inside.

Hope that helps,


i guess i’m looking for some type of overview page…a project home page/dashboard…and on it, i see…

  • tasks that are due today
  • any notes from admins that are ‘top message of the day’-type things
  • important links to supporting sites/apps/docs/etc.
  • whatever else i want


Hi @Peter_Smith and welcome to the Forum :wave:t3:

Sounds like you’re looking for an improved version of New Homepage 🎉?


I’m mainly concerned about having access to hyperlinks while I’m in a project – they will be project-specific links.

So I don’t think the New Homepage will work.

I think the tasks-as-hyperlinks thing is a start.

But I want a lot more than links. I’m looking for a project home page that looks like the old google/ig page – or, this was my test project home page before we started testing Asana – in theory a new user drops in and boom – they’re rocking and rollin’: