Boards to lists hack for bulk changes



Hi everyone.

In a board, multiple lists can be merged into one, and an item of a list turned in a new empty list?

PS I was also wondering if all or a subset of items in a list can be selected in bulk.


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Great question, @antonio.

You can not multi-select in a Board, but you can pull an advanced search (more on this here: for tasks in the Board and then multi-select by clicking the first item you want to select and then holding shift and clicking the last. You can also hold command while clicking to select multiple miscellaneous items in the list at once.

Once you have the tasks you want to adjust selected, you can use “Tab+P” to add them all to a new list or board project.


Hi @Kaitie,

Many thanks for the workaround. I’m sure it will turn useful in future. With the actual scenario, it can’t be used because there are no tags identifying only tasks in a column, or a date, assignee, date used only there. And without filtering, as the advanced search output doesn’t mention the column name, it is difficult to pick selectively the tasks belonging to the single column of the board.

Anyway, I will move the tasks manually this time and will try to use more the tags to filter in future.




I would like to turn a whole project (which is now in “board” format") into a list: how do i do that?

Thanks !


Hi Patrick,

First of all a very warm welcome to the community!

Unfortunately, I have to tell you, that what you want is currently not possible. But be sure Asana is working on solving this, since many community members raised this request.

What you can do in the meantime, is you can use multihoming, to have the same tasks live in board view and list view: