Boards: Progress tracking by Sections not available



When your organise a product roadmap on a board view (in my opinion, one of the most appealing use case of the Board view), and you switch to Progress tracking, there is no option to filter to separate Sections on the Board. I assumed that Board Columns would simply translate into Sections, but it seems they don’t. Therefore, you cannot really use the Progress tracking to see progress in a distinct element of the Board. For roadmaps these would typically be things like Sprints or Months/Quarters. I think equating board columns with list sections would make it much more useful!


By the way, I noticed that the API handles this correctly. From the API Reference:

"A section is a subdivision of a project that groups tasks together. It can either be a header above a list of tasks in a list view or a column in a board view of a project.

Sections are largely a shared idiom in Asana’s API for both list and board views of a project regardless of the project’s layout."

According to this, and some sample API requests, Asana handles board columns as sections - therefore, they should be exposed to the UI accordingly.


We have the same problem. Will it be fixed?

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Hi - I would much prefer that Sections become Swimlanes. That way I can have a matrix view of my board with even better reporting /summarisation capabilities later.


We have the exact same issue and would really like this to be fixed. Is there an update from the Asana team?


Yeah, is it just a bug or the Progress graphs in the Dashboard don’t load if you’re using a board view?


This still appears to be an issue. How does one get Asana to pay attention to this bug?


Same issue here :slightly_frowning_face:


I’m also trying to visualize progress of each board column but not getting the expected behavior.


Same issue here and definitely one that Asana should put up on their roadmap.