Boards on Mobile - Completed Tasks not Disappearing

I’m on a Samsung Note 9 and not seeing it on existing boards or one new ones. I do have it on lists.

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@Patrick_EMIN and @Don_Greyson,

The update is currently only available in beta, which probably explains why you’re not seeing it! It should be live to all our users very shortly! Thanks for your patience :slight_smile:

@Marie How shortly is shortly, given it’s been two months since that post? :slight_smile: How do I move to the beta version so I can take advantage in the interim?

Hi @Randall_Lowe,

Let me check with the Team and I’ll be in touch as soon as I hear from them!

HI @Randall_Lowe,

Our Development Team just confirmed the fix is live in the Prod app. I’ve just double check on mind, and when on a project there is a setting button in the top right corner that allows me to filter Completed tasks (See screenshot below).

Can you please verify you’re app is updated to the latest version and keep me posted?

Have a great Friday!

Interesting, that’s good to hear, but the play store shows I’m up to date as of a may 28th release, however that option does not show in my project header bar.

I should clarify, it shows up on the “my tasks” page header bar, but not in board view for a project.

@Randall_Lowe, could you please send me a screenshot of what you’re seeing?

Could you also confirm the version of your Asana app?

Looking forward to your reply :slight_smile:

This is what you should see for Board projects:

6.25.1 is what I have installed.
I appreciate the assistance with this!

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Thanks @Randall_Lowe, could you also send me a screenshot of the options you’re seeing in a Board project?

Thank you!

Here you go.


Same issue as @Randall_Lowe!

Thanks @Randall_Lowe!

I just need two more things;

  1. could you please share a screenshot showing the version of Android on your device.
  2. could you also let me know what brand is your device?

Thanks again for your cooperation and patience, we really appreciate it!

@Marie attached is the app info screenshot. My device is a huawei p20 pro.

Brilliant @Randall_Lowe, this is super useful! Could you share a screenshot showing the version of your iOS too?

@Marie here you go, I assumed you meant Android os.

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I have commented before, but I too am running 6.25.1 on Android and not seeing the filter option on boards. I’m on a Galaxy Note 9 running Android Pie. I hope this gets updated soon.

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Thanks @Randall_Lowe, I’ve gone ahead and filed a follow-up task with our android Team; I’ll be in touch as soon as I have an update on my end!

Just to add to this, I’m not able to see the setting on my Android Phone (Pixel on Android ver 9) running Asana (ver 6.25.1) as well.

Also kind of disappointing that Asana considers Android users second class citizens, considering Android users are still waiting for a fix a whole year after iOS users got their fix.