Boards on Mobile - Completed Tasks not Disappearing



I wanted to write something fun and witty…but then I realised it takes close to a year to add this minor feature to the app. Because I love the tool so much I am willing to critize because I care: pls do it :slight_smile:


Dear development team, please fix that problem on Android app. Otherwise our team will have to move on to antother tool. Thanks.


Yes this is getting urgent!


I came searching for this solution and found this page. Looks like I don’t really need to say much as it looks like it has been covered. So “ditto” ^^


Hello! My team and I love the tool but have the same annoying issue. Any news on the subject?


Hi Marie is there any update on this fix?


Not yet @NICK_ROBINSON, but I’ll make sure to update this thread as soon as I do!