Boards on Mobile - Completed Tasks not Disappearing


I wanted to write something fun and witty…but then I realised it takes close to a year to add this minor feature to the app. Because I love the tool so much I am willing to critize because I care: pls do it :slight_smile:


Dear development team, please fix that problem on Android app. Otherwise our team will have to move on to antother tool. Thanks.


Yes this is getting urgent!

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I came searching for this solution and found this page. Looks like I don’t really need to say much as it looks like it has been covered. So “ditto” ^^

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Hello! My team and I love the tool but have the same annoying issue. Any news on the subject?


Hi Marie is there any update on this fix?


Not yet @NICK_ROBINSON, but I’ll make sure to update this thread as soon as I do!


@Marie you stated this task was on the dev team’s todo list back in October. Maybe they’re using asana on android so they can’t see it???
Call it a feature request if you like, but the fact that the android app was shipped without it beggars belief.

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Still not fixed on Android for months, this is getting ridiculous… To say the least. @Marie


Hi @Mathew_Lowry and @Patrick_EMIN,

Apologies for the delay here; our mobile team has been quite busy lately and hasn’t had a chance to prioritize this issue. We realize this is seriously impacting your work and will do our best to get it fixed asap. I’ve asked our mobile team for an ETA and will loop you in as soon as I hear from them. Again, apologies for the inconvenience caused and thanks for your patience.


I cannot believe that something so crucial to any task management app hasn’t been added/fixed to the Android app in months! I mean it’s been a year and i’m still forced to look at grayed out tasks. Really? I don’t use even use Asana for my team and this is already frustrating to me. Cannot imagine scrolling through hundreds of tasks to find incomplete ones on the board. On the desktop, everything works fine! Why?!


We are now into April and this missing ‘feature’ is impacting my marriage at this point. We run a business together and she is frustrated that I’m missing tasks due to this list filter problem. Any updates that mean anything? If it’s in iOS, it should really be on Android. This long of a time lapse between them creates a significant negative light on the team.

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Hi @Don_Greyson this “missing feature” (bug) will remain a mystery to me. I do not see any reason why this has not be corrected and Asana did not gave us any reason.


ITS FIXED ITS FIXED! I couldn’t believe my eyes!


So it was actualy possible ! Do we know why it has not been fixed in months?


I can confirm that filters have been implemented on Boards in Mobile, you can now decide whether you only want to see Completed, Incomplete or All tasks!

Thank you all for your patience here!

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As of right now, I have no such filter available in the android app that I can find. Can you please give us some guidance on where it is or if it will be part of an upcoming update?

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Hi, cannot see this filter either.


Top right hand corner should be a line with a circle at the end.


Have confirmed from samsung tablet and HTC phone no difference