Boards - Don't Display Column Alternative to Delete



Thank you guys again for implementing filters in boards of completed and incomplete tasks!

I’d like to suggest a new feature - if all tasks within a column are complete, a way to suppress / don’t display that column instead of deleting the column.

Use Case:
We use boards for our product roadmap, and have tasks as projects under each column (defined as sprints). If we complete that project, we check it, otherwise move it to the next sprint (column). We’d like to not display columns no longer needed (past sprints) but still have the ability to look back on previous sprints of what projects were completed.


@Michael_Trompeta thanks for this feedback. We’ll forward it to our team.

Out of curiosity, what is your current solutions for this? I have a few suggestions for you. First, you could create a “completed” column on the far right of the Board where all of your completed tasks live. Alternatively, you could use a board for each sprint, rather than keeping multiple sprints in the same Board. What are your thoughts?


We’re doing something similar. We move completed sprints all the way to the right where it’s not seen w/out scrolling. For example:

Current Sprint | Next Sprint | Sprint After Next | Backlog | Previous Sprint 9 | Previous Sprint 8 | etc.


Gotchya. That’s actually what we did with Jira at my last company. Only the PM could clear the completed tasks. He often would forget to clear the completed column, so we’d just keep our completed tasks at the far right for the long term. It worked out fine. Naturally I prefer Asana, though. :wink::stuck_out_tongue: