Board-view: new task at the end of a list?


Is it possible to standardise that asana, in board view, drops a new task automatically on the end of a list? Now every new task is placed automatically on top.


I’m pretty sure you can’t do this, @Marcel_Slothouber. I’ve previously spent awhile looking and couldn’t see anything in the settings. It’s a minor irritation but an irritation nonetheless.

I think it would be a perfect addition to ‘Hacks’ in My Profile Settings. What do you think, @Alexis?


HI @Marcel_Slothouber - this functionality is not available at this time. However, we appreciate the feedback and we’ll keep this in mind.


It would be most helpful if new tasks in board view appeared at the bottom of the list. When planning project, I think in chronological order. So the first task is usually the firs thing that needs to be completed. As I add new tasks, that first task gets pushed to the bottom (and the same problem for all subsequent tasks). This is highly annoying when there are many tasks in a column and I have to spend time re-ordering the tasks in the column so they make logical sense. Please change this functionalitiy (or at least give an option as to where a new task gets placed) before I lose my mind


Adding the same button that is at the top of the column to the bottom of the column would be a simple fix. we have a board for incoming requests and we would like to see them in the order that they came in which means dragging them all the way to the bottom after creating them


I’d like to see this implemented as the default, too.