Board view covering all projects



We’ve been using Asana for some months but I suspect we do not get the most out of it and could do with some guidance if anyone cares to help.

We build presentation templates for clients.

Currently we have all builds/jobs within one Project and in Board view; we use the columns to show the different stages available and move each client/job through the columns as each progresses.

Each client is a Task and then we apply sub-tasks within the client task to manage the job/build.

This works OK I guess (just!) but is there a better way? And, if we have separate Projects per client would we be able to view the stages each client were at in a Board view still?

Not sure if useful but below is a list of the various stages and the tasks applied to each client:

  • Approval
    - Spec taken
    - 50% invoice sent
    - 50% invoice paid
    - Images – sent by client
    - Stats provided by client

  • Copywriter instructed
    - Copy returned from copywriter

  • Pre-design/collating everything before sending to client

  • With designer
    - Design proofs with client/feedback

  • Completed/set-up

    • Final invoice

Thanking anyone who cares to help in advance.


What about having a task in a board for each client to show the status, in each task you make a reference to the client project using “@”? Then someone can click on it and move to the project.


Thanks Bastien. Not familiar with that feature but will have a good look at it.
We were looking at making use of the Dashboard (and having separate projects per client)…but the Dashboard doesn’t deliver the same visibility as to what stage each project is at well enough…so what you suggest might indeed help. Fingers crossed.


If you have one project for each client you can use the status, but there is only 3 status available right now (green, orange, red)


What you’re doing so far sounds pretty good. If you go with the project approach, I like @Bastien_Siebman’s suggestion:

However, I’d be interested to hear, how many projects/clients are you dealing with. Depending on whether it’s a small or larger number may lend itself to a particular method.

Please let me know if you have any more questions. If you’re interested in improving your use of Asana further or want to discuss team training, please feel free to book a free 30-minute introductory call with me to discuss consulting options.