Board Style Projects - moving tasks via the drop down menu


I noticed that when using the Board style, if I used the drop down menu to move a task to a different column, it will sometimes put the task in a random position and I have to move it to the top. Is it possible to have any task that is moved via the drop down menu automatically go to the top?


Hi @John_Almonte! Are you tasks filtered for this project? For example, if you have filtered out your complete tasks, it might affect where the task is landing in the new column! :slight_smile:


Hello Marie,

Thank you for the reply. Are you referring to the view? I have my view on “All Tasks”.

The project that I use the most is getting pretty large, and when I try to drag an drop a task from one column to the another, it lags a lot. So I’ve been trying to use the drop down menu to move a completed task, over to my “Completed” column, but it sometimes randomly puts it somewhere in the list of completed tasks. Then I have to manually pull it to the top, which creates the lag issue again.

Thank you for any advice.



Hi John - Alexis from Asana here. At this time the functionality you’re describing sounds buggy. I’ll let our product team know that this random placement is happening and hopefully we’ll see a solution for it soon.

Is there anything else we can do to help you?


Thank you Alexis.

I’m really enjoying the use of Asana. It’s helped me quite a bit in feeling that my jobs are organized.


Sorry for the late reply @John_Almonte, and thanks @Alexis for escalating the issue! From what I understand when you move a task to another column without a giving it a specific position (as you would, by drag and dropping it into a specific position) our system automatically tries to position it based on the task creation date. This is mainly due to Boards backend design, but I agree taht this is something we could definitely improve. I’m following the bug that Alexis filed and I’ll make sure to ask our Development Team to look into this and see if we can make it more simple (ex: having the task to land automatically at the top or bottom of the column).


Hello Marie,

Thank you. The drop-down menu now seems to be consistently putting the task that I’m moving at the bottom of the new column. Sorry to be picky, but can there be an option implemented to put it at the top? I prefer to have my latest task(s) to be at the top.