Board Sections and Rules for working across multiple Projects that are very similar

I have a situation where we are using two Projects to use for scheduling tasks.

One Project can be called the “Supervisor” project and it has about 10 sections in it, all LOADED with tasks that the Supervisor is responsible for assigning.

The Second Project can be called the “Installer Project” and is almost an exact clone of the Supervisor Project, except that it intentionally lacks about 5 of the sections because the installers don’t need those sections/tasks junking up their board/calendar views. The Installers use mobile phones 100% of the time and we’re limiting how much stuff shows up in the “Installer” project to only “the necessities”.

We are not on “Business”, just “Premium”. Other than using multi-homed Task Templates, is there a way to keep the 5 common “sections” between these two projects perfectly in-sync so that they all show the same tasks? I think maybe this could be done on “Business” level but might this also be something like a Flowsana solution?

Or am I approaching this the wrong way? I need the Supervisor and the Installers all looking at EXACTLY the same 5 task sections, but I do NOT want the installers being cluttered up with the other 5 sections that the Supervisor needs to see on his monster desktop screen.

@Phil_Seeman is this something Flowsana is capable of?

Hi @Matt5,

Flowsana might be useful here, but the devil is in the details. I think we need more info…

For the 5 sections where you want their tasks accessible to the installers, I’m guessing those get created in the Supervisors project via task templates, and when created they are multi-homed so they also appear in the Installers project? If that’s correct, then can you describe more about what’s not working with that architecture? (Or if it’s not correct, then let me know how I got it wrong.)

Phil, thanks for replying. I’m actually playing around with a free Flowsana trial at the moment.

So to answer your question in short-- No, the tasks are actually usually going to be created by the Installers out in the field using mobile devices where Task Templates cannot be accessed because of Asana App limitations (grrrrrrr). Manually multi-homing won’t ever happen properly, this must be automated. My installers are exceptionally skilled craftsmen but none of them are going to think about multi-homing stuff.

If a task is created using the normal “add task” method in either of the two projects, I need it to automatically appear in the other project, corresponding section.

I think I have that working in Flowsana on a couple other projects, I only set this up about an hour ago and haven’t tried to do it yet using the Supervisor and Installer projects. But I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.

I think however this means I’m going to be making 10 rules to pull this off with 2 Projects, 5 Sections being kept in sync. Correct?

Yeah, sounds like it should be do-able in Flowsana.

That sounds correct to me.

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