Board project - track time a task spent in each column

I have a project in Asana set up as a Kanban board with column denoting different phases from Backlog -> Scoping -> Dev Ready -> In Progress -> QA -> Released (for example). To track overall progress and performance, I want to measure how long an issue/task is in each column (e.g. how long a new issue goes from the Backlog to being DevReady, etc. Suggestions?

This feature is available in JIRA. If a task stays in the same column for a few days, you can see since how many days it hasn’t moved from that column.

In Asana, it would be helpful if we had similar feature.

As an immediate fix, it would be helpful if Asana allowed us to sort the Tasks in the project by Date Created OR Date Modified, so that we can see oldest first or newest first in the board. That way we can focus on what has been on the board the longest.

@Asana is this something we can have in near future?

I currently do a csv export from Asana into Google Sheets and create pretty extensive dashboards, but as far as dates go, can only track creation, completion and due dates. It does NOT allow me to track how long an item has been in a particular column/phase. It would be nice if custom filters were available to highlight issues that have not moved in n days – perhaps even multiple filters; e.g. issues that haven’t moved in 10 days and issues that haven’t moved in over 14 days…

Hi @CLucas there is no current way in Asana to replicate this.

Agree it would be a great feature to have in Asana. So people can vote on this feature I have moved it to the Product Feeback section…


Thanks for moving this thread to the #productfeedback category @Jason_Woods! I’ve gone ahead and renamed it to make it more discoverable to other folks in the community!

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