Board Project - Moving Tasks to/on top of a different Column


Hi - the title is pretty self-explanatory. This is really annoying for me (and I’m sure other users too).

For example:

  1. I have a board with multiple lists and then I scroll down 1 list and see a card I need to look into
  2. I look at the card and see that it needs moving to another list (often on another board)
  3. I move the card by selecting the list (and new board in some cases) in the drop-down below the description.
  4. Card is moved but is but randomly put in the list (i.e. not at the top), which means that one has to scroll and check all the cards in that list to find the one that was just moved.

If you are using Asana boards as a backlog and need to prioritise tasks, this is gets pretty tiresome!



Hey @Alex_Lunt :wave:

Thank you for the feedback on this process, from what I understand when you move a Task (Card) to another Column (List) without a giving it a specific position (as you would by dragging and dropping it) our system automatically tries to position it in the Column based on the Task creation date.

This is mainly due to Boards backend design, but I agree that this is something we could definitely improve in the future. In order to allow other Forum Members to easily find your thread and vote on it I have slightly adjusted the name, I hope you don’t mind.