Board columns affect task status

I’ve seen similar requests elsewhere (Checkmark vs “Done” Column), but I wanted to add my voice and also clarify a suggestion on what I’m looking for.

Currently we keep a fair amount of our tasks for certain kinds of workload in JIRA. This is largely b/c it has a more robust KANBAN workflow process. We also have integrations between Aha (used for portfolio prioritization and planning) and JIRA. I could get by without the more advanced workflow items in JIRA, but I can’t get by without having a Completed (name not important) column on a Board that also changes the status of the task to Complete.

My suggestion is to add a new state to Tasks in Asana, In-Progress. (Right now the default state of an Asana task could be inferred as To-do.) So tasks could have a status of To-do, In-progress, or Complete. In addition, when you create a column in Asana you could specify the status type of that Column as one of those 3. This would allow you to move cards across the board without having to allow for N-statuses in Asana. Once a card enters a Column of type/status “Complete” then it marks the card as Complete.

I do think that anyone using Asana with the board feature would agree that this is something they would like to see. It would remove a serious impediment that limits the usefulness of other integrations with Asana. In our case I believe we could seriously entertain removing JIRA from our workflow entirely if Asana could operate as described above.

I completely agree @Cameron_Gocke. This ‘state’ could also appear as field in the list view. I’d also like to see a backlog or someday maybe ‘state’. I think Asana has ‘missed the boat’ with their new board/list switching.

For users on Asana Premium or higher plans: if you create State or Status as a custom field, then you’ll be able to accomplish what you want using the new rules functionality now rolling out.