Board Based on Custom Query

I want my board to show all tickets in my project AND all tickets assigned to members of my project (even if those tickets are in other projects).

I do not want to add my project to those tickets in other projects, as the other projects workflows do not apply to my team and may remain open long after my team has completed their part. I am only interested in those tickets during the time period that they are assigned to members of our team.

It’s a perfectly reasonable request, and a great way to manage your project and check for conflicts as part of your planning and management, but it’s one that Asana cannot currently fulfill - without the workaround of finding all those tickets yourself, and adding them to a Project called “Tickets that meet my search criteria”, and then viewing that, which I understand you don’t want to do.

I agree with you that it’s cumbersome to have to create an unwanted Project, and let that Project name clutter every single task you want to have access to, just to be able to see your list of tasks meeting certain criteria in a standard View, namely a Board. Sorry…

Hi @Charlcye_Mitchell
Sorry, English is not my native language and Google traductor helps me with the translation. If i did not misunderstand with the translation, you have a project and would like to see on your board the tickets of your project in addition to the tickets of other members of your project, but you do not want to add those tickets in different projects because the workflows of The different projects are different.

Sorry if I didn’t understand your need correctly.

In the event that if you have understood your problem, it occurs to me that the only solution that you can have what you ask for, keeping a little control over the original tickets but with total independence from the workflow of the other projects, would be using the “Follow-up Task” function.

Follow-up task will create a new task independent of the original one, but inside it will add a link to the original task.

You can “store” that new follow-up task on your Dashboard, and to know when someone completed that follow-up task, you will just have to open the task and see the link. When the original task is completed, a check appears automatically in front of the link.

Don’t worry, both tasks are separated one of other

Please let me know if I correctly understood your problem and most importantly, if my proposal can help you solve the problem in the absence of a native solution.

You understand perfectly. Thank you for the suggestion.

Creating the follow up task is a manual step that team members would be required to execute every time something is assigned to them, and also would add a manual step for other projects to go see if the follow up task is done.

If the board is based on a custom query, no manual work is required for either team. This is a feature offered in JIRA, and I would love to see it in asana.

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Hello again @Charlcye_Mitchell

I get it.
Then all I can think of would be to combine the follow-up tasks with the automatisms.

I do not know to what extent the monitoring and movement actions between states could be automated, and prior tests would be necessary.

Nice to participate in the conversation.

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