Blank task with space gets deleted if it is not assigned

I like to use one project for all my planning and having blank lines help me to stay organized. I already use the space bar, but it will not stay unless the task has an assignee (therefore not really a blank space)

I used to love Asana, but I find it too cluttered now.

The fact that empty tasks stayed used to work but they sadly removed it…

@Denise_Litchfield simple use . period and it will keep it as “task” but look like empty line…

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For me, a task with a single space and no assignment seems to remain. Is that not the case for you @Denise_Litchfield?



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Hey Larry - thanks for replying. Yes it remains, however it still needs a person assigned to the task to remain.

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@Natalia, Is there any chance there’s an A/B test running, or a rollout of a change? Single-space tasks remain for me in a project even without an assignee. Thanks!

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That is very surprising. Where are you testing? In a regular project? In My Tasks view?

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Hi @lpb :wave:t3:

I don’t believe we’ve any A/B test that could be causing this to happen. @Denise_Litchfield, is there any chance you could share a screencast to show us the behaviour you’re seeing on your end?

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Sure - as you can see, here are to blank lines I crated as separators, and - as you ca see, they can only exists if the assignee is checked.

Thanks for the additional info @Denise_Litchfield

  1. Could you share the URL of one of these tasks and then unassign it?
  2. Can you then confirm if it does delete on your end?
  3. Do you have any Rule set up on this project? If so could you send me screenshot of your list of Rules?
  4. Could you also answer @Bastien_Siebman’s question below as it would be useful to investigate!

Thank you!