Billing/Support response time on Discount code.

How long does it take typically to hear back from support when you submit a request with the discount code to be applied? I submitted my email as instructed by TechSoup over a week ago and have not heard back from Asana billing/support. Since then we have been billed the full price for this month. Thanks in advance.

Hi @Kevin_Boston, sorry for the delay you’ve experienced! I’ve just liaised with our team and they’ll be in touch shortly.

I noticed you followed up on your ticket requesting an update few times, please note that our team prioritise support and work on queries in chronological order, from oldest to newest. The reason why you haven’t received a response yet is because every time you replied to your own email, it sent it back to the bottom of their queue. We are looking into ways to fix this but in the meantime we recommend not replying to the support request so we can address your question faster!

Thanks so much for your understanding and apologies for the inconvenience. Let me know if you have follow-up questions in the meantime.

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