Bigger Sidebar or Ability to open a wide view

Hey @Rick_Walters

The left sidebar does need work, no argument there. I suggest to all my clients to use the search bar instead of the sidebar for navigation. It is much quicker.

It would be nice if they added the Team breadcrumb by default above the project name, rendering the left sidebar moot for most cases.

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Hi @Rick_Walters, welcome to the Asana Community Forum and thanks for your feedback!

We already have a thread on this topic so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with the main thread to centralize feedback.

I’ll keep you posted and let you know if we have any updates in the main thread :slight_smile:

Respectfully, I read this thread and don’t think that I am asking for the side-bar to be “wider.” I am specifically pointing to the real-estate in the left navigation that can’t be hidden or removed. Those links are just “taking up space.” While I agree that the left nav bar should be able to be resized, I understand enough about web design to know that by making it a collapsable drawer, it is difficult to also resize it. No, what I am frustrated with is the space that system links that I never use take up. I want to see more my links on the left nav, not a set of links I never use.

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The inability to resize the left-hand nav bar is real bummer. And looks like it’s been mentioned before in this board category.

Hey @James_Wesson and welcome to the Asana Forum :slight_smile:

I recommend upvoting on this existing thread: Bigger Sidebar or Ability to open a wide view

And here you can find some workarounds: SideBar Adjust Size / Width - #2 by Sam_Bevis

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This has been asked for since 2016. Maybe it’s time to seriously consider something that a LOT of people have been asking for for a LONG time? Thanks.


Just adding my vote for this one, thanks!

The narrow side bar prevents reading longer project names. It would also be nice to have some kind of sorting capability here.


And/or folder capability… ( within favorites)


Thanks for the feedback, @drogall and @Edwin_Rooijakkers ! We haven’t yet officially announced how we’re collecting product feedback in the forum, but I assure you we see your thoughts.

@drogall the sorting capability is an interesting idea. Under what circumstances do you think this would be most helpful? And are you looking more for a sort A to Z type thing or a filter where you can, for instance, search for all projects with “Q4” in the title?

@Edwin_Rooijakkers I assume you’re familiar with the existing project favoriting capability? Just click the star next to a project name when the project is open. Also, for clarity’s sake, could you elaborate on what you mean by folder capability?

One thing that helps me is grouping and color coordinating similar projects in my side bar. For instance, all my 1:1 and meeting-specific projects are colored pink. I use the drop down icon in each project to select a color (and check to make sure I’m only changing the color for me, not for everyone).


Hi Asana,

I have asked this question before, but with no response. Is it possible to make the left hand Project Side Bar scaleable? Or if not possible, can you make it wider? Some of our project names are quite long and much of these names are truncated due to the narrow side bar width.

Hope to hear back from someone. Thanks!


I would also add to this the ability to expand and collapse to the Team level in one click


@Dan_Rogall Thank you for this feedback and for describing what is challenging for you about the existing view. The more context we have for why a feature is being suggested, the more our product team is able to cater Asana to your needs. I will pass your feedback along :slight_smile:


I feel the same as a company owner I cannot easily navigate asana as we have small team but with many open topics from marketing to customer projects. The biggest pain I have to use and recommend Asana to others (including my customers) is inability to manage the whole organization. What I like in Wrike is the ability to collapse and nest projects in other projects that gives clarity and natural way to structure activities across all projects.

Please add that and you could be product of choice for decision makers (top management).


Totally agree. I find the project side bar frustrating, it’s really not as functional as it should be. I struggle to figure out what project is what. Our project names are often quite long, and only the first couple of words show up, which often identify with the client’s name as a prefix.


@Dariusz_Lis and @Dan_Rogall I completely understand the difficulties of managing many projects at once. My solution for keeping track of many projects is using a reference or “summary” project that acts as a table of contents for all my work. We’ve discussed the benefits of reference projects and how to use them in this thread. Do take a look - I think it will help! Creating "summary" projects - #8 by Sara

Most of the task management platforms I’ve used before allow for the categorization of items in some way. The UI then allows those categories to be collapsed at the top level so you can drill down as needed. I was so shocked that Asana didn’t provide for this that it was almost a dealbreaker for my team, because our primary use is for an editorial calendar and I envisioned hundreds of projects running down the left pane. That crisis was averted when I saw that each content item could be a task in one huge project instead of its own project, but we still have way too many projects in the left pane and have to click “More Projects” and scroll constantly. We also have to manually alphabetize the projects whenever a new one is created. We use favorites, but by definition that only makes sense for a handful of projects or it defeats the point.

We would like the ability to assign each project to one (preferably one or more) categories, and have the categories listed in the left pane as expandable. This way the left pane might only show:

Content Projects

…much less cluttered. I think you’re trying to cram too much into the left pane, and it’s become a bit of a mess visually. At the moment, we don’t work with other teams, so a chunk of the left pane is taken up by something we never use. (It’s not that we’re antisocial, it’s that all the other teams in our organization are users who tried out Asana once but don’t actually use it on a regular basis.)

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I think the key to this working is the “preferably one or more categories”. Allowing only one category would lead to the classic problem of "should I put my kitchen table in the “kitchen” category, the “furntiture” category or the “things made of wood” category.

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It would be great to be able to set the width of the left sidebar to a larger width.
We preface our projects with a project number followed by title. Im sure others do this also,
With a sidebar width of 244px the project titles are truncated.

Having the ability to have this responsive or at least 100px larger would be awesome.


The sidebar has a fixed width. Our project is full of projects with long names because each is a name for an oil and gas well and they can not be changed. Many wells (projects) only different from others by the last part of the name so this is a problem.
People have been requesting a scalable side bar in here since 2016. Please let’s make it happen. It can’t be that hard.
Thank you