Big mess! Wrong email for my organization


Hi, hope to get quick help from the community (thank you in advance!), since Asana help lacks in communicaiton.
I’ve created an Asana account using a mail.
We are and ADV agency group with a specific digital team, with which we’ll start using Asana. Problem is that my digital team email is so I can crete an organization with all of us togheter and using it.
I now added a secondary email using but don’t know how to get rid of the first email, create finally the organization with the same mail of all my colleagues (Asana sees them as Guest). Crazy thing is that I’ve already paid Premium for all of us but noone has been added beside being Guest. How can I quickly solve it? We’re rolling out Asana this coming monday!


Hi @Luca_Bona - looks like you’ll need to reach out to our support team for this one. Feel free to write a message at and let them know Alexis referred you from the Community. :slight_smile: