Better Project detail in Slack notifications

Can you please add more detail to slack notifications and messages. We just switched to Asana from Meister Task(a much less powerful tool). But we are sad to see that MT had way more detail in their Slack notifications. We rely on this info a ton in our org.

As you can see it shows

  • Who moved the task
  • The section it was moved from and to
  • The project
  • The assignee
  • The tags
  • The due date

It also allows you to update the due date, tags, assignee, status and you can move it to another section all from Slack.

This should be really easy for you to compete with. Your current Slack integration leaves a lot to be desired.

Hi @Taylor_Wallace, thanks for providing this feedback.

While we don’t have plans to make any changes to this integration right now, it would be nice to see more task details in Slack.

I’ll keep you posted and let you know if we have any updates :slight_smile:

Thank you, we would love to see that at some point.