Better Placement Of Project Description



Our team uses project description to place Notes and Login information about that particular project. Right now, my primary frustration with the current setup for Project Description is:

1 -

On the main Project page, the Project Description shows up in the right column, but in a textarea that is only like 200 pixels tall. Every time I want to see full details of the description I have to expand the textarea handle or click into the description and scroll. It’s not an efficient solution. Would be nice to have setting option to have the Project Description take up the full height of right column in this view.

2 - When you are actually in the single view for an individual task, the only way to access Project Description is through the 3 dots icon next to Project Name. Then from there, you have to click again to edit or view the Project Description. Would be extremely helpful is a one-click solution to view or edit Project Description was available from the single Task View.


I agree on this one. I often find myself recommending the Project Description as the best place to put a piece of information, and it’s surprising how many people either a) don’t know that it’s there, or b) forget about it.