Better Automation & Collaboration: Combine Forms and Templates

Asana already has two excellent features that might be even more powerful working together: Forms and Templates. I’ll explain myself below.

I’m looking for my team to fill out a form, and then Asana adds the form answers in specific places of a task template I have defined, with some subtasks assigned inside the main template. For instance:
Form Fields:
Name, Date, Title, Notes.

Then I have a task template for the same project, and I’m looking to strategically assign the form answers as variables in the task fields.
Task template details:
Title: New Task: {title-from-the-form}
Due Date: {date-from-the-form}
Please make the XYZ action for the user {name-field-from-the-form}.
Have in mind the specified notes in the process: {notes-from-the-form}.

Additionally, the task template can have multiple subtasks inside with due dates relative to the main task Date, and all subtasks already assigned to someone in the team with instructions in the subtask’s description.

That will make Asana very powerful for automation and contribute to great collaborative work.

How can you help me to make that workflow reality?