Best Way to Set Up Org Account?

Hi there forum folk,

I’m looking at setting up a space for my organization to create and work on projects together. There will be 4/5 internal email accounts + 30 odd external emails for freelancers that we rope in at any one time and clients.

I’m going around in circles trying to find the best way to manage the system as in ORG I can’t see a place to add projects… so I created a WORKSPACE but I’m not convinced that is right either.

Finally, I just tested setting up a project in a workspace to check it out and it didn’t download all the fields in the pre-set asana template for OKRs so I’m really confused: Free Objectives and Key Results (OKR) Template [2023] • Asana

Any help would be super appreciated!

HI @Emma_Skipper welcome to the forum, hope you are well. Apologies for the late response - did you find any solution?
Essentially some of those fields may have not pulled through as it might depend on your licence level.