Best way to organise 15 and more clients

We are a marketing agency with 15 plus clients - which is the best way to organise ASANA to manage 15 plus clients and their ongoing projects. I have seen some people recommend create each client as its own “team”

Hi @Nicola_Graves

It probably depends on if the Clients have multiple Projects or Just 1 or 2.

To me it would make sense to uses teams if you have lots of active projects running simultaneously for each client.

Otherwise I would probably stick with individual projects per client and maybe use a splitting convention to minimise the number of projects in teams. Eg A-H or maybe high priority customers.

Hope that helps.

I +1 Jason answer. Really depends on the number of projects. But having 15 teams is really ok. Use the search engine as much as possible and make sure project names start with the client acronym for example for easy access!

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