Best Way to Create High Level View in 2020+Prices

Hello! I am new to Asana and we are deciding whether to use Asana for our company or no.
Here is our company structure:

The very critical thing for us is High-Level View, analytics and Opportunity for CEO to see the most important high-level tasks from top managers but sometimes to have an opportunity to dive deeper into separate tasks at the low level.

How can we realize this for our Company?

  1. I’ve read about reports based on custom fields, but it is not the best option to truly say.

  2. Can Asana Portfolios be an option?
    Are there any other best decisions for the CEO to have a high-level view, control, analytics, and reporting?
    On this level of TOP managers:
    [ ]
    By the way, can we use Asana Business Pricing Plan only for CEO and TOP managers to use Portfolio, and for the rest of our team-Asana Premium Pricing Plan?

  3. Also, I’ve read about special Project for such goal and then using @mention. But did’t understand how to realize it.
    Would be very happy to have your answers

Thank you very much,