Best way to connect Asana to Outlook (Calendar)



Since I have not used Outlook for 8 years I am asking for your feedback :slight_smile:

Based on your experience what are the best tools for connecting Outlook to Asana.
Most important use case is to see the due dates of your tasks inside Outlook calendar.

I know these Outlook plugins, but have not tried them yet:

So what is your experience?


@Sebastian_Paasch Are you using on a PC or MAC? If you are using a PC, I am of course the owner of Sendana and have had great feedback and it is a very powerful addition for creating tasks, conversations and forwarding attachments. You of course can try a 30 day free Trial at and see all the details and the many features. I don’t think you will be disappointed.


If you are using G-Mail within Outlook here are a couple other interesting tools.


Thank you very much James,
as always great advice from you!

I will give it a try and let you know.