Best way to assign projects


What’s the best way to assign projects and manage them in Asana? So basically, I manage my team and need to have oversight of all their projects, but also have projects of my own that I need to work on. I don’t want my team to feel overwhelmed by seeing everyone’s projects all the time. How can I have each person just see the projects they are responsible for, and how can I as a manager just see the projects I’m responsible for, but still be able to go in and find/see those that are assigned to others when I need to?


We use the team projects to organize the work across the team and to give a bigger picture, but for personal task management we rely on our “My Tasks” to plan our individual work. The process has evolved a lot over time and we meet regularly to discuss our team norms so we have opportunity to improve how we use Asana and all our other tools.


Hey @Doug_Akins

We use a combination of the My Tasks, favourites and the dashboard.

As a team member, I tend to favourite the projects I really care about and ignore the rest. Then I use My Tasks to organise my workload within those projects.

There are 3 managers/team leaders who need an overview of all projects across the team, so we created a separate reporting account in Asana that they can all access. Within that account, the dashboard contains all projects from across the whole team. This way they can get a general overview, click into individual projects for more detail, or run a variety of reports from one place, without cluttering up their own dashboards.

Depending on how many projects you have to oversee, you might not need to create a separate account just for reporting. You might be able to just use your own dashboard for the team projects and stick with My Tasks to manage your own.

It’s worth experimenting to see what works for you.