Best route to add weekly generated report to task.

What is the best way to attach reports to a task.

Example- I have a weekly task to send a new report X.

My task instructs me to pull Report X which as data from our in-house database and send to my manager.

I know I can attach anything to the task, including report X.

What is the most effective way to attach new reports to a task without creating more subtask etc. Some tasks already feel cluttered with subtask, follow ups, dependencies…

What do y’all suggest here?

Hi @Clayton_Milam, thanks for reaching out!

How you decided to add a report to a task is entirely up to you! You can simply add the URL of the report in the description, export the report and reupload to the task, add it as a subtask - whatever you like! :slight_smile:

Currently I create a task to repeat weekly and attach report from that week.
Task gets completed triggering next weeks task containing the old report.
Following week I delete the old report and attach new report.

This is correct and there is not a much better way? I have a dependent task to remind me but what if i don’t get to update the report and the person pulls the old report? It will ask to verify the dependency is if it is completed or not.

Hey @Clayton_Milam, great idea! You can use dependencies to create a task to remind you to delete the old report, this is a good system! :slight_smile:

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